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Ash scattering at sea            Brighton

We often have requests for this service. Our crew are sensitive to the special needs of our passengers. Requirements are varied, flowers are often brought along to scatter with the ashes. Special music is sometimes played, with relatives providing us with the appropriate cd or blue tooth to play on our music system.

This service usually takes 45 to 60 minutes.

A certificate of the location can be supplied if requested.

You have a choice of  one of two Catamarans Rossann or Gladiator (the largest passenger boats in Brighton Marina  these boats can be seen on our fleet page they have wheelchair access. 

Private hire Catamaran prices for this service (up to 60 minutes)

                                                Up to 12 people                     £200 

                                                Up to 60                                  £400

                                                Up to 85                                  £500

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