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Rampion Wind Farm Tour Brighton

We now offer 130 minutes sightseeing trips to the new Rampion Wind Farm array aboard Catamaran  

There will be a brief safety talk and information on the trip at departure time.

The 116 turbines are more than 8 miles off shore from Brighton and it takes about 45 minutes to get there, The catamaran will enter the array field for approximately 20 minutes of slow cruising amongst the massive turbines, panoramic views of the Sussex coast can be seen on the way back to Brighton Marina (subject to visibility).

The tour can be booked on our booking page or by telephone with card payment in full for each place reserved

       Adult or Child £ 45 each


Private hire £500 up to12 people.

Private hire can be your choice of date/time.

please book as far in advance as you can. However on the day is sometimes possible 

To book please see our booking page or call 07836 262717 8am - 8pm


Ross boats Trip Boat Voyager

      Voyager with Brighton in the background 


Rampion Wind Farm Trip

                Adept out at sea off Brighton


Wind Farm Tour Brighton

"Adept" is one of our three trip boat catamarans moored in Brighton Marina, showing the outside seating arrangement.

Rampion wind farm trip

The 80 meter high structures  have 112 meter diameter blades driving the turbine generators.

Rampion wind farm floating Hotel

This Floating Hotel Ship "C-Bed" is sometimes seen close to the Rampion site.

MPI Discovery

MPI Discovery on its legs in 100ft of water next to the Rampion wind farm Substation. The main hoist can lift 1000 tons at 25 meters reach.

Rampion wind farm tour

One of our Catamaran wind farm trip boats increases speed  exiting the array

Rampion wind farm transfer vessel Gaillion pushing on the Rampion array Sub station access laddr.

Wind farm transfer vessel Gaillion pushing on the Rampion array Sub station access ladder. 

Wind farm transfer vessel Gaillion

Gaillion on its way home from the Rampion Wind Farm array, Lancing and the collage is in the background.

Wind farm tour

Windcat 6 pushing on turbine access ladder

Rampion wind farm boat trip

Guard Vessel George Johannes at the Rampion Wind Farm Array off Brighton

Rampion offshore wind farm tour ross boats

A wind farm trip passenger taking photographs of the massive turbines 

Rampion wind farm jack up crane

MPI Resolution at present on its legs in 100ft of water next to the Rampion wind farm Substation 

MPI Resolution was the first self elevating Turbine installation vessel in the world it is 130 meters long with four 2500 hp Diesel engines powering it plus three 940 hp bow thrusters it was built in Shanhaiguan and launched in 2003 it cost £ 53,000,000

Wind turbine off Brighton

Some of the 116 Rampion turbines standing 140 meters high from the base to the blade tip, with 55meter blades making the diameter 112meters including the hub.

These turbines will produce enough electricity to power almost   350,000 homes = about half of the homes in Sussex. 

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