Terms & Conditions

Ross Boats are located near Wetherspoon's pub The West Quay. Next to the Barge.
Pontoon 5, West Jetty, Brighton Marina, Brighton, BN2 5UP.

1. If you or anyone going to partake in our trips should have any questions relating to any part of these terms and conditions then please email rossboats21@gmail.com 

2. E-mail communication to us will only be deemed to have been sent by you when you have received a return e-mail from a member of Ross Boats confirming your actions.

3. Booking places, this can be arranged by telephone or in person. Payment in full (at least 3 days in advance) cash or card, and then e-mail to us rossboats21@gmail.com for confirmation of the date time and numbers, we will reply confirming you're booking.

4. Tickets can be purchased (for trips the same day) from the kiosk near our berths on a first come first served basis (Subject to availability).

5. Places, boarding will close 2 minutes before the departure time booked or ticketed, if you/your party or some of are late, we will not extend the boarding or delay the departure time for any reason. No refunds for missed trips, a later departure will not be given.

6. Private hire, boat/boats you can book by telephone or in person, 50% deposit cash or card and then an e-mail to rossboats21@gmail.com with the details of the date time and approx numbers, we will reply with confirmation of you're booking, the balance is to be paid in full before departure on the day.

7. Sea state/weather, the onus is on you to call us or check our daily info page (after 8am) to find out the sea state and if we are running trips before you/your party travel to the marina.

8. Refunds, once a booking has been confirmed, there are no refunds, other than if Ross boats cancel the trip because of sea state/weather conditions in which case an option of a voucher for another date or a full refund will be given.

9. Private hire, if you/your party or some of are late for the Departure time the return time stays as booked no refunds or extension of time will be permitted.

10. Private hire, pleasure trips, if the sea state is too rough to go ahead (skipper's decision) the trip will be cancelled, with an option of a refund, or reschedule for another date.

11. Private hire, fishing trips, if the sea state is too rough to go ahead (skipper's decision) the trip will be cancelled, an option of a voucher for another day, or a full refund will be given.

12. Any person/people who the skipper considers may cause harm or discomfort to themselves or others or likely to threaten the safety of the vessel will be returned to a berth and removed; this action is at the discretion of the skipper.